Graha Sentral Fiberglass produces:

  • Storage Tank ( Chemical, Water, etc. ) both Horizontal and Vertical
  • Mixing Tank ( Chemical, Water, etc. ) both Horizontal and Vertical
  • Septictank Biotech System, STP Biotech ( Sewage Treatment Plan )
  • WTP, WWTP ( Waste and Waste Water Treatment Specialized )
  • Lining and Coating FRP, Pipe and Ducting
  • Scrubber Tank, Reactor Tank, Sedimentation Tank
  • Roofing, Gutter, Tube Settler and Translucent Sheets
  • Panel Tank FRP, Grease Trap FRP
  • Rooftank FRP, Ground Tank FRP
  • Toilet Portabel / Toilet Flexible
  • Custom-designed products are also available.


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